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"LOS HECHOS NO LA RAZA" the deed not the breed

Os presentamos una ONG del Reino Unido que está comprometida con la defensa de los perros como individuos por encima de la equívoca, errónea y superada idea de la raza. De la misma manera que los límites entre razas en humanos van dando pasos adelante así deberíamos comprender que lo que hace peligroso o no a un animal no es la pertenencia a una raza (o  incluso especie) si no sus circunstancias.
Así esperamos que podáis ver esta Asociación que con más medios que nosotros está llevando a cabo una importante labor:

deed not breed Ltd

deed not breed Ltd is a Not for Profit Company set up in 2007 to offer free advice and assistance to owners of dogs of all breeds who have fallen foul of 'Dangerous Dog Act' legislation.
dnbIf you have had a dog seized or are facing prosecution or civil action then please contact us for free impartial and confidential advice.
In the unlikely event that we're unable to help you, we'll put you in touch with organisations who can, and we'll also put you in touch with qualified canine law specialist solicitors if your case requires this.
We also offer advice and assistance to solicitors, local authority dog wardens and police forces across the UK.
dnb promote responsible dog ownership and are opposed to breed specific legislation on the grounds that no breed of dog is inherently more dangerous than any other.

Re homing

dnb also operate a small re homing service to police forces and owners who are unable to keep their dogs due to banning orders by the courts.
We do not have kennels and rely entirely on good working relationships with rescue centres as well as adopting dogs out directly through deed not breed.

Please contact us if you wish to enquire about our adoption process or about any of the dogs currently up for adoption.

Añadimos la información sobre la normativa inglesa que prohíbe 4 razas con lo que da vía libre a su sacrificio más allá de que exista una justificación. Tanto los pitbull, como los Tosa, los Fila como los dogos argentinos siendo legales en España demuestran cada día la feliz convivencia con sus propietarios cuando son responsables, y su vulnerabilidad cuando caen en manos de psicópatas.

DDA In Brief

The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 In Brief
(as amended 1997)
It is important for all dog owners to be aware of their rights and responsibilities under current legislation. We have provided detailed articles on the website but here's a brief guide to the most commonly used current laws.
Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (as amended 1997)

Section 1

It is a criminal offence to own or be in possession of the following four breeds and breed 'types'.
  • The Japanese Tosa
  • Fila Brasiliero
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Pit Bull Terrier
Section 1 is the only part of the Act that is breed specific. The police have power of seizure and there is a presumption for destruction UNLESS the courts are satisfied that the dog poses no danger to public safety.

Section 3

  1. It is a criminal offence for any person, whether owner or person in charge to allow a dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place, or a private place in which the dog is not permitted to be.
  2. This section of the Act applies to ALL dogs, whether pure bred, cross bred or mongrel.
  3. A dog does not have to injure a person to be dangerously out of control. It simply needs to cause apprehension that it may cause injury.
  4. The owner and/or person in charge of a dog that does cause injury is guilty of an aggravated offence under the Act and the penalties will be higher.
Criminal charges can be brought under Section 1 AND Section 3 if the dog is one to which Section 1 applies and which has caused injury or fear of injury.

Dogs Act 1871

Civil application which can be brought by ANY person against the owner of a dog in any place whether public or private.
There is no power of seizure under this Act and no presumption for destruction. The courts MAY order destruction however they are more likely to impose a control order with or without restrictions.

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